Red Rhino 4000 Crusher

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  • Recycle your concrete and rubble into usable aggregate on site.
  • Hire our 4000 series compact crusher made by Red Rhino Ltd – saving you time and money & helping to meet recycling quotas.
  • Maximum material INPUT size 390mm x 160mm x length (not usually an issue)
  • Can crush anything between 2 – 6 tonnes per hour (depending on jaw setting, input material, loading equipment, loading method and familiarity of operator)
  • The 4000 crusher is the only small crusher to accept a full UK kerb stone
  • The crusher is capable of crushing concrete, bricks, kerb stones, grave stones, blocks, paving slabs, roof tiles and old asphelt.
  • Easy to operate – training will be given at the start of each hire to ensure everybody operating the machine can do so efficiently and in safety. Or if you prefer, an experienced operator can be supplied where extra manpower is either needed or simply preferred.
  • With landfill taxes increasing – every tonne of building materials you recycle on site using a compact crusher can save you money.
  • Why hire numerous skips and buy in new aggregates when you can recycle your own on site.
  • Why use a wheel barrow when you can position the crusher to crush the concrete where it is needed and you could also hire an Avant loader to dispense the crushed material where it is needed or crushed material could be put into dumpy bags for easy manoeuvrability.

Key Points

  • Use the same loading operator – only familiarity with loading with achieve the maximum tonnage per hour.
  • Position mini excavator higher to allow clear line of site into the jaws – a maximum 3t excavator is recommended.
  • Use a maximum 18″ bucket on excavator – this can be used to gauge and pre-sort the material.
  • Choose the appropriate jaw setting – if crushing 50mm slabs the jaws must be set to less than 50mm to avoid slabs falling through and obstructing the belt.
  • Save up oversized material, and manipulate these into the jaws one at a time (or break these up with bucket or breaker)
  • Load down the slope of the hopper directly in-line with the jaw – best tonnage will only be achieved with a little but often technique.  Do not be tempted to overload the hopper or jaw as this will slow down your overall production.
  • Only load material into the crusher which will not cause blockages, damage your conveyor belt or contaminate your aggregate.
  • If you want 20mm product, it may be faster to crush everything to 100mm and then feed the hopper with your 100mm products.



The Red Rhino 4000 Series Concrete Crusher (A tracked machine)

  • Recycle your concrete & rubble into usable aggregate on site
  • Save on ever-increasing landfill taxes
  • Will crush approx. 2 – 6 tonne per hour
  • If it fits in an 18″ mini digger bucket it will crush it
  • Output material 70mm – 5mm
  • Save on skips, landfill and manpower by having no waste away from site
  • Can fit through standard doorway

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