Red Rhino 3000 Crusher

Quick Tips!

  • Use the same loading operator – only familiarity with loading with achieve the maximum tonnage per hour.
  • Position excavator (3T is recommended for use with this Crusher) higher to allow clear line of site into the jaws .
  • Use a maximum 18″ bucket – this can also be used to gauge and pre-sort the material.
  • Choose the appropriate jaw setting – if crushing 50mm slabs the jaws must be set to less than 50mm to avoid slabs falling through and obstructing the belt.
  • Save up oversized material, and manipulate these into the jaws one at a time (or break these up with bucket or breaker)
  • Load down the slope of the hopper directly in-line with the jaw – best tonnage will only be achieved with a little but often technique.  Do not be tempted to overload the hopper or jaw as this will slow down your overall production.
  • Spend 10 minutes passing on these tips to any new operator.
  • Only load material into the crusher which will not cause blockages, damage conveyor belt or contaminate your aggregate.
  • If you want 20mm product, it may be faster to crush everything to 100mm and then feed the hopper with your 100mm product.

Key Points

  • Recommended maximum material INPUT size : 500mm x 215mm x length
  • Trailer mounted with diesel engine.  Overall weight is approximately 2.8tonne.
  • Crushes up to 15 tonnes per hour depending upon loading facilities and end product size. Finished product size can range from 100mm down to 10mm.
  • Recommended loading using a 3T digger or one of our own Avant Loaders with a small bucket.

The maximum output rate will vary according to:-

  • The method and type of equipment used for loading.
  • The size of material you are crushing down to (100mm-10mm) maximum tonnage per hour will only be achieved at largest setting.
  • The type and size of material being crushed.
  • The type and amount of contaminants loaded into the crusher in error.

3000 Crusher Photo Gallery

watch our video below showing the 3000 crusher in action

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